Car Shipping by Sea Freight

  • Car shipping from Dubai by container

    Car shipping from Dubai by container

    We can load 3 to 4 cars securely and up to 6 cars in a 40 ft. HC container (depending on the car make/model). All cars can be stored free of cost for a maximum of 10 days at our fully insured yard/warehouse facility with weekly sailing from UAE to all the major ports across Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. The tariff for container shipments varies depending on many factors, some of them being port congestions, transit time and departure date (closer the date, more expensive it is) to name a few. Moreover, we offer consolidated car shipping from Dubai to UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and Albania which is really cost effective when compared to a 20ft personal container.

  • Car shipping by RORO

    RORO Car Shipping from UAE to UK, Europe, Africa and USA


    Roll-on roll-off often known as RORO shipping is the most economical and simplest method for shipping a fleet of vehicles. The process for RORO shipping is really simple, the car has to drive in to the ship and secured, once arrived at the destination, unsecure the belts and drive off the ship. Container shipping on the other hand is cost-effective, secure, and reliable. If you have personal possessions to be shipped with your vehicle, then container shipment would be the best choice. We do our best to help you find the most suitable option for your budget and requirements.

    FMC can help with RORO car shipping from UAE to UK, Europe, Africa, and USA. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and get a free quote for all your car shipping needs!

    Car shipping by RORO