Warehousing & Insurance

FMC puts your mind at ease with multitude of options for warehousing facilities! We offer car storage in Dubai at the most affordable rates with indoor, outdoor and basement parking spots. Furthermore, we make certain that your car is always covered to ensure dust, spills or any damage to the paint.

For securely stuffing automobiles into shipping container, our warehouse crew implements top-notch skills and materials, such as 10 ton lashing belts, rust-free steel chains, and top-quality timber wood to name a few.

Even though our warehouse facilities are fully insured, we always recommend purchasing an additional cover from purchase to delivery to ensure damage-free transit until destination.

 Get in touch with us to get your car covered from the top insurers available!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many free days do you offer for storage of cars?
  • Do you offer comprehensive insurance for transit?
  • How does the claims process work?