Pre-Purchase Inspection in Dubai

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection in Dubai UAE


Buying a used car? Unsure about the problems and service history? We can help!

FMC offers pre-purchase Car Inspection in Dubai, UAE as a service to put your mind at ease, especially when it’s going to be exported to another country! We understand that car buying is a very complex process and can be very stressful. Despite the bold claims made by a showroom, an auto mall, or a private owner, it might not be easy trying to verify if those claims are accurate.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will carry out a 24-point pre-purchase car inspection in Dubai or across the entire UAE at the seller preferred location and give you a comprehensive health report along with a hundred photos and videos. All the major parts, such as the engine, AC, suspension, chassis and transmission and more are thoroughly inspected to ensure everything’s working fine. We offer different types on inspection services, spot inspection which includes our technician to carry out a pre-purchase inspection at the seller’s location. Next is garage inspection, which requires the car to be picked up and transported to any premium garage best fit for the car make and model. Whereas lastly, we can also get the car inspected at the dealership to ensure all the service .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book an inspection if I live outside UAE and interested to purchase a car from here?
  • What are your inspection charges and what payment modes do you offer?